Team Training: Workshops, 1:1 Sessions & Retainers

If your team is raising capital, is on the conference circuit, or presenting at your own event, now more than ever it’s important to engage your audience. I will help your team deliver their presentations confidently to get buy in and to increase awareness of your products and ideas. Your team will learn how to control their pacing, how to keep audiences engaged with storytelling techniques, how to use concise language and how body language affects their audience (regardless of size or environment), among other skills. These sessions can be held  in-person or virtually. Monthly retainers available on request.

Executive Communication Package

This 1:1 eight-session program is for speakers who are ready to deep dive into transforming from competent to master speakers. This comprehensive program includes eliminating obstacles that have kept you from achieving your goals as a speaker, script writing and editing, mastering reliable delivery techniques which can be applied at board meetings, all-hands, media interviews, investor pitches, and beyond. Your physical presence and confidence will increase through the practice of exercises used to train the world’s best stage and film actors. These sessions can be held  in-person or virtually. 

Mastering the Art of Speaking Virtually 

You may already be an effective speaker, but, in this climate of virtual public speaking you are faced with new challenges that need to be met head on. For example, how to hold a powerful connection with an audience you cannot see and hear, how body language is interpreted on screen and how to handle rapid Q & A. I will tailor the program to your specific needs while including everything you need to know about maximizing your impact on virtual platforms. Sessions held virtually.

Public Speaking and Accent Reduction Package

This ten-session program aims to reduce issues with pronunciation, pacing, and melody for non-native English speakers. Outcomes include increasing your ability to be heard across various platforms with increased confidence. Polishing your public speaking skills will include how to engage audiences with carefully placed pauses, word stress, and storytelling for a delivery that is clear, articulate, and memorable. These sessions can be held  in-person or virtually.