The key to being a powerful speaker lies in uncovering your own unique style and authentic voice. Each 1:1 program is tailored to address the needs of the individual. During the first session you will receive a thorough evaluation of your public speaking skills with special attention being paid to your current competencies while discovering areas you will need to improve to reach your goals. The average speaker attends four to eight private sessions to become a relaxed, polished and confident communicator. 
In the sessions we will work on the physicality of public speaking including posture, breath, vocal use, articulation, and body language. Once a stronger physical and vocal presence is established we focus on delivery. This includes how to structure a provocative speech or presentation, how to influence listeners with carefully placed pauses, word stress, and vocal modulation towards a delivery that is clear, articulate, invigorating and memorable. Samples of Lisa discussing her teaching methodology and private practice can be found in the Resources page under Podcasts.

Whether you are seeking to reduce your accent slightly or eliminate it all together I offer a proven systematic approach that I tailor based on your current accent and goals. My goal is to help you achieve flawless articulation, intonation and word stress to make your social and business communications easier and more effective.
During the first session we will discuss your goals and I will record you reading a simple passage. After which I give a thorough analysis of your accent compared to the American accent. We will begin working on a couple key areas in the first session so you can see how I work and hear some results. The following lessons will focus on sharpening your consonant and vowel articulation and address the intonation and syllable stress of American English. Final sessions will note your improvement with audio feedback from earlier sessions and focus on effective speech and communication skills for your profession. A video of Lisa discussing accent reduction can be found on the Resources page.

Half day and full day workshops are available for groups of 6 – 18 participants. Workshops are customized to fit your teams needs. Please email me to schedule a call. After I get a sense of your needs I will send you a detailed proposal within 24 hours

Testimonials from recent public speaking workshops and private coaching can be found here

If you are heading into a high stakes job interview you need preparation and coaching. This is a two-session package that covers your presentation material, questions and answers, 1:1 interviews and group interviews. In the first session we will set achievable goals and run through your presentation. Presentation preparation will include refining clear, concise messaging, body language, eye contact, vocal use and rapport. The second session includes another run through of your presentation and practice of your answers to vital questions to help you nail the interview.

The Alexander Technique, used in drama and music training conservatories is a method for identifying habitual unconscious tension patterns that are inhibiting your performance as a speaker, amongst other areas of your life. The technique restores balance, co-ordination and great posture. Not only do you feel great after a lesson, but you also learn something you can use in your day to day life to perform the activities you love with freedom from pain and an improved sense of ease in your body.


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